2023: One year prison term, N500,000 fine anticipates vote purchasers – INEC

The Free Public Discretionary Commission INEC has said one-year detainment or a fine of N500,000 anticipates anybody viewed as at fault for purchasing votes during the 2023 races.

The INEC Chief in Jigawa State, Teacher Muhammad Lawal Bashar expressed this in a meeting with newsmen.

The Magistrate said the constituent commission is ready to lead every one of the races with the BVAS machine to guarantee free and fair decisions.

The machine will recognize citizens going to cast a ballot and the individuals who have enlisted at least a couple of times can not cast a ballot.

Teacher Muhammad said the Commission has gotten north of one hundred and 56 super durable citizen cards which are still under dispersion until 22 January 2023.

He exhorted the people who have enlisted yet have not gathered their citizen cards to do as such before the end date.

The Magistrate added that the organization made a decent arrangement that will permit individuals with extraordinary necessities, the old and pregnant ladies to effectively cast a ballot.

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