2023: Police capture 61 thought political hooligans in Kano

Police in Kano State have captured 61 thought political hooligans at the All Reformists Congress, APC, crusade in the state.

Representative of the order, SP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa expressed this in a proclamation gave to POST on Thursday day to day.

He said this it was important for the police work to guarantee serene political decision processes, and the Order’s endeavors to free Kano Condition of all types of wrongdoings and culpability, particularly the threat of political thuggery (daba).

Kiyawa further made sense of that the suspects were captured on Wednesday during a political movement at Sani Abacha Arena, Kano.

As per him “33 blades, eight cutlasses, four scissors, one bundle 117;wraps of dried leaves thought to be Indian Hemp, three jugs of suck and kick the bucket, 500 bits of associated Exol tablets and pack with charms were recuperated from the suspects “

He said the suspects will be charged to court for indictment.

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