Best Scholarships for History Majors Across the Globe

The subject of history, which takes us on a journey across times, places, people, victories, battles, defeats, kings, queens and palaces to the everyday life of a commoner thousands of years ago, is one of the most fascinating subjects students of humanities study. It tells us stories- human, real stories impossible not to get enchanted by. History as a subject is taught by top universities across the world. However, financing the course of their history major might be tough for a lot of students as these universities charge a large sum of money as fees, which not all income groups can afford. This is where scholarships for history majors come in-to give all talented and deserving students an equal chance and level playing field to pursue their dream history course in the college of their choice. 

There are a large number of history major scholarships available worldwide for history students. In this article, we list the best scholarships for history majors across the globe. 

Best scholarships for history majors abroad:-
 European Civilization Chair- Natolin Scholarship (GEREMEK) 
Available for post graduation in European Interdisciplinary Studies to students of all nations. This scholarship is financially backed by the European Parliament in respect and tribute to the late Professor Bronisław GEREMEK and is named after him as well. It is intended both for History graduates who wish to study history in their further studies, as well as for graduates in related fields  who wish to study European history for their further studies. These fields include International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Philosophy, History of Art, Theology, Language and Literature, etc. The beneficiaries of these scholarships will be required to write their Master’s thesis and research on a topic relating to European history or European civilization, approved by the scholarship provider. In the second semester, they will be required to select European history and civilization as their major. Candidates applying for this History scholarship must present their case with their online application not exceeding 600 words, explaining why they deserve this scholarship and why they are interested in European history.  It is one of the best history major scholarships looking to study in Europe.

 2. University of York Undergraduate International Scholarship in History, UK 
  This is one of the history scholarships offered by the university of York, available in the UK and is open to all international students who are looking to do an undergraduate course in history from this university. It offers partial funding and will take care of a major portion, even if not all, of the expenses incurred for study. The deadline to submit your applications is September for the year 2021, and is usually around the same month every year. The college then peruses the applications and awards the scholarships to the most deserving candidates.

  1. The South Asia Scholarship offered by the University of Dundee, UK
    This scholarship is reserved by the University of Dundee for South Asian students and offers partial funding with a lump sum amount of £25,000, which is actually enough to cover a lot of expenses. It is available for the course of undergraduation in History and 20 plus other fields of study. The deadline for applications closes around the month of June every year. It is one of the ideal history scholarships in the UK.
  2. Orange Knowledge Programme, Netherlands
    This is the perfect scholarship for students looking to pursue higher studies in History from the country of Holland. This scholarship is offered in masters and short training programs in history and all other subjects to deserving international students and is fully funded, covering all academic expenses.It is ideal for students looking for history scholarships in the Netherlands.

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  1. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program USA
    This is one of the very popular history scholarships  offered in the USA, It is fully funded, and the winners of this scholarship are eligible to study in any US university of their choice. It is available for Masters and PHD in History and also all other subjects to international students from 155 countries
  2. The deadline for applications is around the month of September each year. 
  3. ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship 
    This scholarship offers partial funding by the Australian National University for the courses of Bachelors and Masters in History and all other subjects to international students looking to study further in Australia. The deadline for applications is closed around November each year.
  4. British Chevening Scholarships 2021
     This scholarship is awarded to deserving students in the UK for post graduation and masters. It is fully funded and covers all major expenses. This scholarship covers most top UK universities and is offered for the subject of History and all other subjects of study. It is available for international students from developing countries or commonwealth countries , classified as “Chevening countries”. The deadline for applications is around the month of March each year.
  5. 8.Tata Scholarship- Cornell University, USA 
  6. Tata Scholarship fund finances the expenses of 20 deserving students in India each year all year round looking to study any course in the University of Cornell, USA. Students who complete their secondary schooling from an Indian school and have already been selected or shortlisted for admission to any undergraduate program at Cornell University, including the subject of History, and are in need of financial aid can apply for this scholarship. It is a fully funded scholarship. It is one of the ideal scholarships for history majors in India looking to study further in the USA.
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