Peter Obi: Obasanjo rebuffed me – Tinubu

The official competitor of the All Reformists Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu has uncovered that previous President Olusegun Obasanjo rebuffed him while he was legislative leader of Lagos State.

Tinubu made sense of that the choice was not an individual discipline but rather a move initiated against the Lagos State Government.

He said Obasanjo took the ruling against his organization since he was in the resistance.

The APC flagbearer talked during his official mission rally in Benin City, Edo State against the background of Obasanjo’s underwriting of the Work Party, LP, official up-and-comer, Peter Obi.

He blamed the previous president for disappointing his endeavors of settling the difficulties of power supply during his residency as lead representative.

Tinubu additionally blamed the then Obasanjo’s organization for redirecting and stealing cash intended to address power difficulties.

As per Tinubu: “I carried Enron to tackle power issue and help Lagos economy yet Obasanjo and PDP baffled it. They rebuffed me and Lagos individuals and even started deducting our cash.

“I made Nearby State run administrations in Lagos to speed up advancement and make work for our kin however Obasanjo siezed our designation and rebuffed us for that.

That was mischievousness and such a man said he embraced a person for you to cast a ballot as President. Could Obasanjo at any point suggest a pioneer for anybody in Nigeria? A man who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the way can’t show the way.

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