Police in Abuja remove crooks, salvage 16 casualties

A few desperados have been ousted and 16 hijack casualties saved in certain timberlands lining Abuja and Kogi State by agents of the Government Capital Domain Police Order.

Following up on knowledge, as per a source, the cops raged the timberlands on Sunday, January 1, 2023, following reports of kidnappings in Anguwan Yango, Gulida, Chakumi, and Paikon Bassa towns in the Abaji region chamber.

A source said that the vigorously outfitted criminals connected with the police officers in a shootout for quite a long time, communicating delight that the agents overwhelmed them and protected 16 prisoners from their nook, as the scoundrels escaped.

Josephine Adeh, the FCT Police Advertising Official, expressed that the safeguarded casualties had previously been brought together with their families.

The safeguarded casualties were taken to a clinic and subsequently rejoined with their families,” she made sense of.

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