Tinubu will be president, Nigerians burnt out on Northerners – Aminu

Previous Borno military lead representative, Abdulmumini Aminu has said Nigerians will cast a ballot the All Moderates Congress (APC) official competitor, Bola Tinubu in 2023.

The Fantastic Benefactor of Tinubu-Shettima Nigeria Front (TSNF) talked on Thursday when he got individuals from the gathering in Abuja.

Aminu noticed that the electorate were turning away from the North having been in power for a really long time.

Nigerians are burnt out on us from the North since we have ruled each everyday issue, especially government”, NAN cited.

The resigned Colonel informed Nigerians to evade governmental issues with respect to strict and ethnic opinions.

Aminu said Tinubu has loads of thoughts that can turn the fortune of Nigeria for good.

He added that previous Lagos lead representative raised a few group and had accomplishments in his possession.

Aminu further portrayed Tinubu as a clever and centered man “with gigantic respects for individuals and the country”.

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