Top Computer Science Scholarships for International Students

The field of technology and data has been booming ever since the advent of the 21st century. Computer science is a field of study most sought after, for it is not only fascinating to learn but it also provides and opens up a lot of lucrative jobs and careers for students majoring in it. There are a lot of great computer science courses and top computer science scholarships available for students worldwide.

In developing countries, it is the most well-paying and attractive career field, hence the trend of most students taking up computer science and data science in their undergraduate or masters degrees. Completing your computer science major from overseas offers a lot of opportunities for learning and growth, but it is also quite expensive. This is why we provide you with a list of the top computer science scholarships for international students. In this article, we talk about the best computer science scholarships to cover your expenses as you pursue your dream course from your preferred university:-

List of the best top computer science scholarships :-

Microsoft Scholarships
These scholarships are available to study in the universities of USA, Canada and Mexico Microsoft offers four varied scholarships for undergraduate students from all over the world in the field of computer science. To be eligible, students need to have a minimum of 3.00 GPA or its equivalent. The final selection is based on the amount of merit shown in the area of computer science, leadership, focus and dedication. The scholarships cover the full year’s tuition fee for students. To be eligible for selection you must be admitted in a four-year computer science course in the above-listed countries at the time of submission of application. It is one of the top computer science scholarships.

  1. School of Computer Science Undergraduate International Scholarships – UK
    International students are eligible for these scholarships given by the University of Birmingham’s School of Computer Science, one of the best colleges for study in the UK. The most highly qualified students tend to receive the maximum amount of rewards in this scholarship. All qualifying students will receive a minimum amount of £1,500 per year. Students with the most excellent achievements receive an additional Excellence Scholarship of £1,900 every year and a total amount of £3,400 a year. So, the best students can get a total of £13,600 to fund their four-year course and tuition fees. To receive this scholarship, students must obtain First Class level grades i.e a minimum of 70 percent each academic year. This scholarship makes it to the second spot in the list of top computer science scholarships.
  2. The Google Anita Borg Scholarship
    This scholarship is available to international female students all across the globe, in as many as five continents. This scholarship has the goal to bring more women into the field of computer science and aid their progress. It is given based on academic merit and a show of leadership and commitment. Awardees of this scholarship receive a 10,000 USD award for their one academic year and are invited to the Annual Google Scholars’ Retreat in California. It is open for undergraduate as well as post-graduation students.
  3. Macedonian Government Undergraduate Scholarships for Foreign Students – Macedonia
    The government of Macedonia has made a total 25 scholarships available for international students from 50+ countries around the world with 15 separate ones for US students The scholarship is fully funded and takes care of all student expenses. Meritorious students up to the age of 22 can apply for this scholarship. Computer science is one of the main fields of study in the available scholarships.

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  1. Australian National University
    ANU’s College of Engineering & Computer Science provides computer science scholarships to international students looking for master’s in the fields of engineering and computer science. It aims to provide more backing to students of diverse backgrounds. The deadline of applications closes around May each year. It is one of the top computer science scholarships in Australia.
  2. University of the People Scholarship
    The University of the People is an online educational platform that brings education at your fingertips— it is completely online and free and has university accreditations.To avail the benefits of this service students simply need to have graduated from high school and have access to a computer and the internet.
  3. University of Twente Scholarships
    The University of Twente offers technology and computer science scholarships for international students from EU and non EU countries who want to apply for and study MSc in the institute. You can apply for the scholarship simultaneously while you apply for admission. The deadline for application closes in the month of May usually each year.
  4. Better World Undergraduate Scholarship at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    This scholarship offers partial funding for undergraduates in Computer Science and 6 other programs for international students in Dublin, Ireland. It is one of the ideal scholarship programs in Ireland. The deadline for applications usually closes around January. It is awarded to deserving and meritorious students who need financial backing, which is done by a careful application screening process. It is one of the top computer science scholarships in Ireland.

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