Uncertainty: PDP clan leader, Anya criticizes demolishing killings in Imo

A previous Public VP of Public Relationship of Nigerian Understudies (NANS) and clan leader of the People groups Leftist faction, Friend Anya S. Anya, has ripped into the Legislative leader of Imo State, Representative Expectation Uzodinma, over the weakening uncertainty challenges attacking many pieces of the state.

Anya, who right now serves as the Southeast Organizer of Alliance of Saraki Supporters for Atiku (COSAA), was exposing his psyches in a proclamation on Thursday, against the sceneries of a new rehashed surge on Aku Ihube and Umulolo nearby networks in Okigwe Neighborhood Government Region of the state by associated agents with Ebubeagu territorial security outfit.

He said, “In accordance with this Aku, Ihube and Umulolo wards all in Okigwe LGA remains contextual analyses of these rehashed surges on its residents at the command of the Lead representative’s mandates.”

Proceeding, Anya likewise lamented the activities by the APC-controlled organization in Imo and further blamed the state government for policitiziation of the continuing security issues assailing the eastern state.

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