Which Are The Best Tourism Scholarships For International Students?

We’re all aware of the setbacks caused by the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019. While the cascading effects of the pandemic still seem to linger in different parts of the world such as India and Spain, its negative effect on the Tourism industry is undeniable. Study abroad tourism scholarships have been made available abundantly for 2021 to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry. 

According to Statista, the pandemic’s potential to set the tourism sector back by $1 trillion for 2020-21 has raised uncertainty worldwide. 

Present circumstances have encouraged people all over the world to stay at home and travel only when necessary, forming the basis of a new world economy that works from home. To accommodate the changing nature of travel, tourism and hospitality, universities all over the world have upgraded their curriculum to include this new lifestyle. As a result, study abroad scholarships for tourism management have made a comeback for the year 2021 and 2022. 

Top 5 Study Abroad Scholarships For Tourism Management 

To help you find the latest information on tourism management scholarships for international students, here are the top 5 scholarships.

International Online Masters Scholarship 2022

Offered by the International College of Hotel Management, the online scholarship is offered to Master’s students. There is no deadline for this scholarship and is open to all international students. This scholarship was initially offered for on-campus studies and fieldwork. However, for the year 2021 and 2022, this program has been shifted to cater to online learning following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To be eligible for this scholarship in tourism and hospitality management, you need to be an international student who is willing to pursue their Masters in tourism management. In addition to that, you must agree to distance learning rather than studying on-campus. Even though the courses offered by the International College of Hotel Management have taken the digital route, at least for this year, your international student experience will not be compromised. This means that you will still be considered a globally competitive student and this scholarship will still be a classic addition to your resume

Since this is a merit-based scholarship, you need to secure good academic scores and display your past achievements that are both academic and professional. 

International Masters scholars will be eligible for a 20% waiver off their tuition cost for their first semester of studies at the university. 

SUNY Oswego Transfer Achievement Scholarship 

This scholarship is offered by the State University of New York established in 1861. The State University of New York (SUNY) offers more than 100 courses to international students. The Transfer Achievement Scholarship is offered to students who want to pursue their Bachelor’s in any discipline offered by the university. Tourism Management scholarships are also offered through this program to students who are willing to enrol in full-time courses at the university.

Students from all nationalities are eligible for this scholarship. Those who intend to take up distance education are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Since this is a merit-based scholarship, you need to possess good academic records and must demonstrate an interest to take part in activities organised by the university. You will be considered for this scholarship only if you have academic merit and also display a need for financial assistance. 

SUNY Oswego scholars are eligible to receive a scholarship amount of $9000 annually for up to 4 years. 

Griffith University Direct Entry Scholarship 2021

Griffith University’s GELI Direct Entry Program Scholarship is offered to all international students who are willing to study any course offered by Griffith University such as International Tourism and Hospitality Management. Through this scholarship, the university aims to attract talented students who want to pursue their Bachelors or Masters at Griffith. 

To be eligible for the study abroad scholarships for tourism management offered by Griffith University, you should not be an Australian resident or citizen. This means only international students are eligible to participate. The scholarship is not open to students who want to engage in distance learning. Only those students who wish to pursue a full-time course on campus for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Before applying for this scholarship, you must apply for a course at the university and also meet all the English language requirements. 

This is a non-deferrable and non-refundable scholarship. Griffith scholars are eligible to receive a $1000 scholarship amount that will be used to cover your tuition fee. 

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Shirin Fozdar Scholarship 

Singapore Government scholarships such as the Shirin Fozdar Scholarship is granted to female international students. The Singapore Management University (SMU) in collaboration with the Singapore Government attracts female candidates from around the world to help them pursue their tertiary education in Singapore Management University. The university provides an incentive to all the female candidates to pursue fields such as business management, tourism and hospital management etc. 

Study abroad scholarships for tourism management covered by Shirin Fozdar are only available to full-time female candidates who want to pursue their Bachelor’s at SMU. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must demonstrate a need for financial assistance such that, without this scholarship, they will not be able to study at SMU. Your scholarship application will be highly considered if you have good academic merit and performance. Students who have demonstrated leadership qualities in the past and require finances are the ideal Shirin Fozdar scholars. In addition to that, you should be actively involved in community service and voluntary work. 

Each Shirin Fozdar scholarship is valued at $60000 that will be used to cover the scholar’s tuition fees. Based on the extent to which you fulfil the eligibility criteria, scholars are also eligible for a monthly allowance. This scholarship can be renewed for 4 years of study and is subject to satisfactory academic performance. 

Study Abroad Scholarships For Tourism Management By Snow College 

Snow College is dedicated to offering international students the opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals. The scholarship targets students who wish to pursue their Bachelors at Snow College in any discipline of study offered by the college. Tourism Management scholarships are merit-based and take into account your academic performance as well as your involvement in extracurricular activities. Students who belong to underrepresented groups and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. 

The eligibility for this scholarship is minimal and caters to high-performing students with a need for financial assistance. Only international students with a good academic trajectory who have a wide range of interests and community involvement are considered for the scholarship. 

Depending on the quality of your scholarship application, Snow College scholars will be eligible to receive awards up to $1000, $3000 or $5000 that can be used to cover tuition fee costs. 

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